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Brite Bomber (Fortnite)

A pretty unicorn

As in the game, this skin is presented on a female character. It consists of a purple skin-tight suit with big boots and black armor pieces. On the chest, she wears a top with the image of a unicorn on a rainbow background. She also wears pink gloves, her hair is neon pink and she wears big aviator glasses that are pulled up on top of her head. Finally, she is holding a stick ending in the head of a unicorn in rainbow colors.


A flashy look

The Brite Bomber is one of the many skins you can get in the game Fortnite battle royale. In this game, a hundred players are thrown on an island infested with zombies and they have to fight against them and each other, the last ones alive gaining maximum experience and bonuses to progress in the game. This skin can be bought on the game’s store but it is quite rare and only pops on the store a few times a month. It is part of a series on the theme rainbows and sunshine” for which there is also a male version and some accessories.


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