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Chandler Bing 80′ (Friends)

The beginnings of a friendship

Many episodes of the show show the characters in the 80’s and so it’s one of those moments that Funko has represented with this figurine when Chandler joins Ross to spend Thanksgiving with his family. He’s wearing gray pants with a bright yellow shirt and a very typical 80’s patterned jacket. His sleeves are rolled up just below the elbows so you can see the yellow of his shirt sticking out. Finally, it is especially at the level of this improbable haircut that we recognize the character well with the two wicks in peaks on the top of the head and the longer wick on the forehead.


The funny one

Chandler Bing is one of the main characters of the famous sitcom Friends. The concept of the show is simple, it tells the life of a gang of six friends living very close to each other in New York. Chandler is a college friend of Ross and lives with his roommate Joey right across the street from Monica, his sister, and Rachel, her childhood friend and roommate. Phoebe, Monica’s friend and ex-roommate also lives in New York and spends a lot of time, like the others, in the girls’ apartment. Chandler has a job in statistics that no one really understands and later in the series, he decides to go into advertising, a field he has always been passionate about. Chandler is the comic of the bunch with his rather offbeat and cold humor. He always had difficulty in love and that surprises everyone when, at the end of season 4, we discover that he starts a secret relationship with Monica. Everyone will eventually find out and they will become an official couple deciding to live together and then get married and finally adopt twins when they realize they can’t conceive themselves.


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