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Monica Geller catwoman (Friends)

A beautiful Catwoman

Like her husband Chandler, Monica is represented at the Halloween party they give in season 8. Monica is this time disguised as Cat Woman. She a tight black jumpsuit and slightly shiny with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. With that, she wears high black boots. Her hair is styled back and she wears a headband with black cat ears. Finally, she stands with her hands on her hips.


A chef

Monica Geller is one of the heroines of the series Friends. At the beginning of the series, she is a cook in a small restaurant and welcomes Rachel, her high school friend whom she had lost sight of and who has just escaped from her own wedding and will therefore become Monica’s roommate. They live across the hall from Joey, a failed actor, and Chandler, Monica’s brother Ross’ best friend from college. Together with Monica’s ex-roommate Phoebe, the six friends spend most of their free time together. Monica is known to be obsessive about housework, cleanliness and control. She also has a passion for food and, despite a few dead ends, ends up owning a very fancy restaurant in New York. On the other hand, after several romantic setbacks, she falls in love with Chandler. They will first live together before getting engaged, married and then end up adopting two twins at the end of the series.


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