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Gunther chase (Friends)

A jealous man

For this chase version of the character, Funko has represented Gunther with the sign he will once show to a customer who wanted to go out with Rachel and on which is written: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Otherwise, he wears black suit pants with a pink shirt and a red tie. On his head, he has very light blond hair, almost white, and cut very short.


The most important secondary character

Gunther is a character from the cult series Friends. Although he is very secondary and doesn’t really have a storyline of his own, Gunther is the most present character in the show after the six heroes since we see him in 150 episodes during the ten seasons of the show. He is the waiter and later the manager of Central Perk, the famous caf? where the six friends meet regularly. During the first three seasons of the series, Rachel also works there as a waitress and although she is particularly bad in her work, Gunther lets her pass everything because he is in love with her. This will generate a particular hatred towards Ross and then in general on the men with whom she flirts, it even happens that he refuses to serve a customer who has flirted with Rachel or asked her out.


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