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Phoebe Buffay Supergirl (Friends)

A fun costume

For this new version of the character, Funko decided to represent Phoebe with her Supergirl costume. She wears it during an episode where Monica organizes a Halloween party and to which Phoebe invited her sister and her new boyfriend who will confuse her with her. She wears the costume composed of a short red skirt, a blue leotard and a red cape. It is accompanied by a red cape of course and her hair is tied in two high pigtails on the sides of the head.


The eccentric of the band

Pheobe Buffay is one of the main characters of the series Friends. Phoebe is Monica’s former roommate and although their roommate didn’t end well, Monica being too demanding on cleaning and tidying up, they remained very close and Phoebe continues to be part of the Friends gang at the center of the series. Phoebe is a masseuse and has a sweet and quirky character. Despite a difficult childhood, she is always positive and sometimes a little naive. She is a vegetarian and has a great love for animals and nature. At the end of the series, Phoebe marries Mike and she is the only character in the series who never had even a short romantic relationship with one of the other characters.


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