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Ross Geller Spudnick (Friends)

A space potato

Ross is shown here at the Halloween party given by Monica and Chandler in season eight. Ross is wearing a costume that is a kind of pun that no one understands. He has a spud costume and wears a helmet that looks like the Sputnik satellite, so he is spud-nik. Underneath his potato suit, you can see that he is wearing blue jeans and a brown jacket and his hands are moving, as if explaining his joke. On his head, his helmet is made of a kind of colander on which he has glued metal elements to make like antennas.


A charming nerd

Ross Geller is one of the six heroes of the series Friends. He is Monica’s brother and has known Rachel since childhood and Chandler since college. He met Phoebe and Joey later when they became Monica and Chandler’s roommates respectively. Ross has a doctorate in paleontology and is particularly passionate about dinosaurs. At the beginning of the series, he learned a short time ago that his wife was actually a lesbian and was leaving him for a woman named Susan and he learns in the first episode that she is pregnant with his child. With the return of Rachel in their lives, this will quickly rekindle the feelings they had as teenagers. He will date her for a season or two and then they will break up and only get back together at the end of the series. In the meantime, Ross will not be happy in love as he will have several serious relationships, including another marriage, all of which will end badly.


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