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Rachel Green bridesmaid (Friends)

An adorable bridesmaid

Rachel is represented here as we see her in the last episode of the season two when she accepts to be the bridesmaid of her friend Mindy who is getting married with her ex Barry. But the dress is particularly ridiculous and Rachel is very reluctant to go for this reason. The dress is bright pink, long and very voluminous at the skirt. At the top, she has big balloon sleeves and a shiny jewel at the neckline. Finally, we also find her typical haircut like Rachel Green. Her hair is brown with a strong gradient on the bottom, highlights surrounding the face and lighter highlights on top.


A new life

Rachel is one of the heroines of the cult sitcom of the 90s Friends. At the beginning of the series, she arrives in wedding dress in the coffee where her childhood friend Monica hangs out. Rachel has just escaped from her own marriage with Barry, an orthodontist who would have offered her a comfortable life without working but whom she did not really like. Becoming Monica’s new roommate, she will have to learn the real life without her father to support herself. She will first find a job as a waitress in the usual caf? of the gang of friends before finally starting to seriously look for a job in the fashion world. It’s going to be difficult at the beginning but with time, she’s going to manage to climb the ladder and get a job that she really likes. In parallel, she will, throughout the series, maintain a complicated relationship with Ross, Monica’s brother, who had always had a soft spot for her. They will go out together during one season before separating then to get back together briefly. Rachel will then spoil Ross’ wedding with Emily, they will get married in Las Vegas as a joke and will have a child together but it is only at the time of the last episode that they will finally get back together for good.


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