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Chandler Bing bunny flocked (Friends)

A pink bunny

Funko has represented Chandler at the Halloween party that Chandler and Monica give in season eight, here in a flocked version, for this exclusive figurine. He wears a pink rabbit costume with a lighter belly and white ears inside. He also wears a fake bunny nose with two big teeth held by rubber bands on the side of the face. Finally, he holds a carrot in his right hand.


The comedian of service

Chandler Bing is one of the six heroes of the famous sitcom of the 90s Friends. Chandler lives with his roommate Joey, a struggling actor for whom Chandler often finds himself paying rent. Chandler works in an office and does a job that no one really understands among his friends. He is the comic of the bunch with a rather sarcastic sense of humor and a certain bad luck with women. He has been Ross’s best friend since college and lives right across the street from Ross’s little sister Monica, who herself has been living with Rachel since she escaped on her wedding day. At Ross’s wedding at the end of season four, Chandler and Monica get together and fall in love. They will live together and then get married at the end of season seven.


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