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Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

Joey the duck

Like his five friends, Joey is portrayed with his style from the first seasons of the show, probably around season 2. His style is surely the one that has changed the least, but we can still recognize some typical details of this period. As almost always, he wears blue jeans and sneakers. On top, he wears a red shirt, one of his favorite colors. At the level of the head, his face is very simple but we find his hair in spikes” styled with gel that he wears from season 2. Finally, Joey carries in his hands the duck that he and his friend Chandler adopted in season 3. This figurine will have to be matched with the one of Chandler carrying the chick adopted at the same time as the duck.


The failed actor

Joey Tribbiani is one of the main characters in the 90s sitcom Friends. This cult series tells the story of six young New York friends from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s. Joey is an actor with a talent that is not always obvious, who lives on small roles in commercials or plays of questionable taste. However, he managed to get several times more interesting roles, including in the series Days of our Lives”, which will make him momentarily rich and famous. Joey lives with his best friend Chandler but he is also close to Ross and all the girls in the gang. Joey is a great seducer who collects adventures but he will not be very lucky in love since all his serious stories will end badly. He will fall in love with Rachel when she becomes his temporary roommate, and although she also falls in love, their story will last only a few days. Joey is also known to be a bit naive and stupid, which will make him funny and endearing.


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