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Chandler Bing bunny (Friends)

A funny rabbit

In season 8, Chandler and Monica organize a Halloween party and Monica chooses a pink rabbit costume for her husband who is not really happy about it. It is thus a complete combination of pink rabbit with the belly a little lighter. A hood covers part of his head with bunny ears on top. On his nose, he has a fake bunny nose with little teeth, all hung around his head by an elastic band. In his hand, he holds a carrot of which he has just crunched a piece.


A mysterious man

Chandler Bing is one of the heroes of Friends, the cult series of the 90s. When we meet him at the beginning of the series, he lives with Joey, a failed actor and does a job related to statistics but that nobody, even among his friends, really understands. He is considered the comedian of the gang with a rather ironic and mocking humor. He is also rather unhappy in love and awkward with women and finds himself several times during the series going back to Janice, his ex-girlfriend whom he finds very boring. He lives opposite Monica and Rachel, Monica being the little sister of his best friend Ross. With Ross and Phoebe, Monica’s ex-roommate, the three of them form an inseparable group of friends. At Ross’s wedding at the end of season four, Chandler sleeps with Monica and they have a secret affair for a while before falling in love and revealing it to their friends. Chandler will come to live with Monica one season later and they will get engaged the following year. They will have to wait the end of the series to have children after many complications.


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