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Ross Geller (Friends)

Ross and Marcel

Like Phoebe, Ross’s style of dress and hair would seem to place this figure rather around the middle of the series instead of the first seasons. Indeed, at the beginning we see him wearing almost only suits. It is from seasons 4 or 5 that he appears in a V-neck sweater on the majority of the promo pictures. That’s how we find him on this figurine, with brown pants, a black V-neck sweater and matching brown shoes. As for the head, his face is simple but we can find this hair cut a little less wise that he adopts especially from season 5. Finally, the creators of the figurine have chosen to accompany Ross with Marcel, the monkey that he adopts in season 1 and that he is forced to give to a zoo in season 2. This little detail makes this relatively simple figurine particularly cute!


Ross and the dinosaurs

Ross Geller is one of the main characters of Friends, the cult sitcom of the 90s. In ten years and ten seasons, this series simply tells the life of six young New Yorkers. Ross is Monica’s brother, but also Chandler’s best friend, whom he met in college and who is also Monica’s next-door neighbor. Ross is also friends with Joey, Chandler’s actor roommate and Phoebe, Monica’s ex-roommate. Ross is a paleonthologist and has a real passion for dinosaurs. At the beginning of the series, while he has just separated from his wife Carol after having learned that she was homosexual, he learns that she is pregnant with his child. It is at this moment that Rachel, Monica’s childhood friend of whom he was secretly in love. She has just run away from her own marriage and finds refuge in Monica’s house by becoming her new roommate. Ross’s love life will probably be the most chaotic of all with notably the failure of three marriages (one of which with Rachel because they were both drunk in Las Vegas) but everything will end on a happy ending when he and Rachel will finally meet again for good in the final episode of the series.


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