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Gunther (Friends)

The most famous waiter

Gunther is represented here with one of his classic waiter’s outfits. He is not wearing an apron but just black suit pants with black shoes and an orange shirt. With this he also wears a red tie. The most recognizable feature is his blond hair, so light that it is almost white. Finally, he is holding a blue cup that he is drying with a cloth.


The eternal lover

Gunther is a secondary character of the series Friends and the one we see most often in the series after the six heroes. He is a waiter and manager at the caf? where the six friends meet regularly and during the first two or three seasons, he is also Rachel’s boss to whom he lets a lot of nonsense pass because he is very much in love with her. For this reason, he will develop a particular hatred for Ross and all the men with whom she will go out in a general way. We don’t know much about him apart from that. We just learn in an episode of season eight that he has Dutch origins and speaks the language. Before Rachel leaves for Paris in the last episodes of the series, he will finally confess his love for her.


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