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Joey Tribbiani avec les v?tements de Chandler (Friends)

A slightly immature boy

On this figure, Joey is depicted in a season 3 episode where he and Chandler are fighting for a seat in the chair when they are supposed to be getting ready to go to a party in Ross’ honor. At one point he ends up putting all of Chandler’s clothes on top of each other to annoy him. As we can see, Joey is wearing at least one pair of pants and over them several shorts of different colors. He also wears several shirts, of different lengths and several ties with rather colorful patterns. Finally, we can see the strand of brown hair that falls on his forehead and which is typical of his look from the beginning of the series.


A difficult career

Joey is one of the main characters of the series Friends, the cult sitcom of the 90s. Joey is Chandler’s roommate and with Phoebe, the only one who is neither a family member nor a childhood friend of the other characters. Joey is a pretty bad actor whose career has had a hard time getting off the ground, with Chandler often finding himself the only one paying the rent. However, he manages to break through on several occasions as when he gets a role in the soap Days of our Lives or some pretty big movies. Joey is also a seducer and enchains the conquests by having only very rare serious stories. He falls in love with Rachel and they are in couple only a few days before realizing that it is a mistake. Joey will be the only character to finish the show single


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