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Monica Geller ? la Barbade (Friends)

Problematic humidity

When the whole gang follows Ross to a convention in Barbados, the weather doesn’t cooperate and it rains continuously for most of the stay. Unfortunately, Monica’s hair becomes very curly with the humidity and when she goes to the hairdresser, she decides to have it braided. It is with this style that Funko decided to represent Monica for this second figurine. She wears green short pants with pink flip flops and a matching tank top. But what is most notable is of course her hair: fine black braids very finely reproduced and decorated with lots of small shells on the tips.


A great cook

Monica Geller is one of the main characters of the Friends series and although all the characters are equally important, she is the one who makes the link between all the characters. She is of course Ross’ sister, but also Rachel’s childhood friend and Phoebe’s ex-roommate. Chandler is a college friend of Ross who became a close friend of Monica and later her boyfriend and husband and finally Joey is Chandler’s roommate in the first five seasons. Monica has always had an obsession with food which led her to become a chef and despite a difficult start, she became a chef in a particularly prestigious restaurant. Monica is also known for her obsession with tidiness and cleanliness, which caused Phoebe to move out before the series began, and she is also very competitive in any sport or field.


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