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Monica Geller chase (Friends)

A climate not very favorable to Monica

At the end of season 9, all the band goes to Barbados to listen to Ross giving a conference of paleontology. Unfortunately, it rains a lot and this climate does not really suit Monica’s hair which curls and becomes exaggeratedly voluminous. That’s how Funko represented her for this chase figurine. We find her white pants worn with flip-flops and a brown tank top with white stripes. Finally, of course the most remarkable part is her head with her curly and very inflated hair on which she put a cap to try to flatten it a little.


Bad circumstances

Monica Geller is one of the six members of the most famous gang of friends of the 90s, the one of the series Friends. A former fatty and a cook by trade, Monica has developed many obsessions with rules, cleanliness and even a certain rigidity over time. During the first seasons, she has several disappointments in love before sleeping with her friend Chandler at the wedding of his brother Ross. The two friends fall quickly in love and end up marrying and then adapting two twins when they realize that they cannot have children of their own.


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