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Ross Geller 80′ (Friends)

A tough look

Like Chandler and Rachel in this new series, Ross is shown with his look from some flash backs taking place in the 80s. He wears beige pants with a turquoise jacket and holds his notebook in which he writes the songs of the band in which he plays with Chandler. But like Chandler and Rachel, it’s his hairstyle that is the most fun and memorable part of his look. His thick black hair is a little longer than usual and very curly. And to complete the look, he also has a thin moustache, typical of the fashion of the time.


The scientist of the gang

Ross Geller is one of the main characters of the series Friends, the cult sitcom of the 90s. Ross is initially the most serious and least eccentric of the gang. Passionate about dinosaurs, Ross became a paleontologist and probably the only one to have a stable career throughout the series. At the beginning of the series, Ross has just divorced after having learned that his wife was lesbian and he learns in the tread that this one is nevertheless pregnant of him. It is then that Rachel arrives, the childhood friend of his sister Monica with whom he was madly in love and is still to this day. They end up going out together some time but separate on a misunderstanding. Ross then marries Emily whom he met only a few months earlier but their marriage only lasts a few days after Ross says Rachel’s name at the altar instead of Emily’s. It is from there that Ross becomes a little depressed and his character becomes much crazier and probably one of the funniest of the show.


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