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Monica Geller (Friends)

The chef

As it is often the case when Funko adapts a cult TV series into action figures, the creators focus on the style of the characters in the first seasons. Maybe because it’s the most visually striking period. If Monica’s style of dress is not particularly memorable, Monica’s being a chef is very well remembered. In particular at the beginning of the series, where we often saw her in her work clothes. So we find her here with a white outfit made of pants and a blouse. On the head, she wears the traditional white hat and if her face is simple, the haircut remains faithful to the character and we appreciate the small detail of the earrings. Finally, to emphasize even more on her job, Monica is represented with a pan in her hand. In short, an adorable figurine to match with all her friends.


The main character

Monica Geller is one of the main characters of the cult series of the 90s, Friends. This sitcom, with a very simple concept, tells the life of six New York friends. In ten seasons, it will tell their lives between 25 and 35 years old. Monica is a chef in a small New York restaurant. If the characters are all equally important, Monica is the one who links them all together. Her neighbors and friends are Joey, a flirtatious actor who is often unemployed, and Chandler, an office worker with a vague job and a legendary sense of humor. She is also very close to her brother Ross and her friend Phoebe who was once her roommate. At the beginning of the series, Monica meets her childhood friend Rachel, who has just run away from her own marriage. She offers her a place to stay and helps her get back in touch with the real world, which is not always easy for someone whose only ambition was to marry a rich man. Monica is a young woman obsessed with cleanliness, which her friends take advantage of but also mock quite often. If, lacking a bit of confidence, her love life has not always been simple, she will fall in love with her friend Chandler in season 5 and they will end up getting married at the end of season 7.


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