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Chandler Bing (Friends)

Chandler the chick

Like the other characters of the series, Chandler is represented with the very specific style of clothing that he wears during the first seasons of the series. He wears beige pants with matching shoes. But what is most representative is the set of blue jeans shirt and sleeveless wool vest that we see him wearing particularly often. At the level of the head, his face is very simple. On the other hand, his hair does not represent him at the very beginning of the series but rather around the seasons 4 or 5 when it becomes shorter and that he adopts the fashion of the hair in peaks” of the end of the 90s. Finally, the small detail that makes all the charm of this character is that Chandler holds in his hands the chick that he and his friend Joey adopt in season 3. So you’ll have to match this figurine with the one of Joey holding in his hands the duck that they adopted at the same time.


The comic of the band

Chandler Bing is one of the main characters of the TV series Friends. This cult sitcom of the 90s tells the story of six young New York friends. In ten years, the six heroes will know sentimental failures, career changes but also love, marriage and for some fatherhood or motherhood. Chandler works in the field of statistics even if, and it is a recurring joke in the series, we do not know exactly what he does. Later in the series, he will finally realize that he doesn’t like his job and will go into advertising. The character Chandler is known for his legendary and rather sarcastic humor. He lives in a roommate apartment with his best friend Joey, but he is also very close to Monica, his next-door neighbor and his brother Ross (whom he met in college), as well as to Phoebe, Monica’s ex-roommate. Of course, he will also become friends with Rachel when she becomes Monica’s roommate. If Chandler knew quite a lot of sentimental setbacks, in particular with the famous Janice, he will end up falling in love with his friend Monica and this story will end by a marriage at the end of season 7.


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