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Cheshire Cat Anniversaire Disneyland Resort (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

The return of the cat

The cups of Alice being one of the most famous attractions of the Disneyland parks, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the first of them, Funko decided to bring out a version of this character looking very much like the very first one released years before. This one is purple with darker purple stripes. He has a very big smile and a pink nose and big yellow eyes. His ears are gathered on the top of his head with a little puff on the front.


The strangest cat

The Cheshire cat is one of the important characters of Alice in Wonderland, the Disney cartoon inspired by the novel of the same name by Lewis Carroll. Young Alice is bored by her lessons in the garden of her luxurious English house and dreams of adventure. Then she sees a white rabbit who repeats that he is terribly late. She follows him down the rabbit hole and falls into a seemingly bottomless pit. She finally reaches the bottom and finds herself in a very strange world. Alice will try everything to find her way home but it’s not easy when everyone seems to be a little crazy. She meets the Cheshire cat in the forest. He is lounging on a tree and when she asks him for directions, he doesn’t seem to be very helpful, telling her that there are lots of paths that lead everywhere. Moreover, he has the annoying habit of appearing and disappearing at will.


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