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Ciri glows in the dark (The Witcher)

A mystical character

For this exclusive figurine, Ciri is represented in a glows in the dark version, using her powers. Her clothes turn green and white and are covered with lightning. She wears pants and high boots and a puffy tunic. She holds her sword with her right hand and has her left hand extended forward. Finally, at the level of the head, her eyes became turquoise green and we find her white hair like those of the sorcerer.


A powerful character

Ciri is an important character in the universe of the video game The Witcher inspired by the famous novels of the Polish fantasy author. The main character is Geralt De Riv, the greatest sorcerer (demon hunter) and Ciri will cross his path several times. The first time, she is in her mother’s womb and Geralt is going to save her father from a curse, asking to be able to get the child as payment in order to make him a wizard. But when he returns six years later, Ciri is being raised by her grandmother and Geralt gives up on taking her with him. But eventually, their paths cross again at the time of the Cintra massacre. He saves her from an attack in the forest and finally takes her with him to train her. But he soon realizes that the young woman has natural powers, including the ability to see the future. He then calls on Triss Merigold to help him train and care for a young woman.


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