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Leshen Supersized (The Witcher)

A disturbing look

Funko has thus represented here the Leshen that Geralt faces in the forest of Velen in The Witcher 3, in a supersized version. Although humanoid, his body seems to be made of tree trunks and branches. We find this particular texture and colors ranging from green to brown. His legs seem to be trunks and branches form huge hands with four fingers. He still wears minimalist clothes made of animal skins and a hood over the deer skull that he wears as a mask, hiding his true face. Other branches protrude from his back and are decorated with skulls and other human bones.


A terrifying forest spirit

The Leshen is a creature that Geralt meets in the video game The Witcher 3. In this video game inspired by the famous heroic fantasy novels of the same name, Geralt is a witch hunter whose task is simplified by a DNA modified to have supernatural abilities. The Leshen is a creature living in primitive and dense forests and having itself an appearance close to a tree. In addition to being very discreet, they can control the plants and animals living in their territory to direct them at people who would like to attack them or hunt in their territory. For this reason, people from the surrounding villages never deign to venture into a forest where a Leshen lives.


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