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Eredin (The Witcher)

With his impressive armor and especially his silver spiked helmet, Eredin is reminiscent of the famous Sauron from The Lord Of The Rings when he still had a physical form. We can see his red clothes under his impressive metallic armor with very neat details such as this rib cage pattern that emphasizes the skeletal aspect of his helmet. Indeed, instead of a raised element at the level of the nose, we find a flattened element resembling very strongly that of a human skull.


An ambitious elf

Eredin is a powerful and mysterious character appearing in The Witcher 3, an action/role-playing video game set in a medieval fantasy world. He is an elf who decided with his Avallac’h to kill their king Auberon, recluse of his people for several years. He later crossed paths with Ciri, an important character and friend of Geralt De Riv, the main character of the game. He took her prisoner for a while until she escaped. He managed to catch her in a strange forest after chasing her through space and time. He has haunted her like a ghost ever since


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