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Clara (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms)

A superb figurine

Like the other figurines in this film, this one is superbly realized with many details. We find first of all her pink sequined dress with nice details of embroidery and the little cape that goes with it but at the level of the head that the details are the most beautiful. Her long brown hair is styled in big curls on the side of her face and she wears a beautiful silver tiara with flowers and snowflakes in addition to the small bows placed on the top of her hairstyle.


A young girl embarked in a strange universe

Clara is the young heroine of the Disney film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms inspired by Hoffmann’s famous tale The Nutcracker and Tchaikovsky’s broom, which is also the adaptation made shortly after its writing. The action takes place on Christmas Eve when Clara is looking for a key that will allow her to open the box containing her dead mother’s gift. But when she finds it, she finds herself drawn into strange worlds populated by mouse kings, lead soldiers, the sweet sugar plum fairy but also the evil mother Ginger.


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