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Constance Hatchaway (The Haunted Mansion)

Charming ghost

Constance is represented here in her ghostly guise as we see her several times in the attraction, all in pale blue tones. She is wearing a long white dress with long sleeves and lace embroidery all over the top. The paint is slightly glittery to give a magical side and we can see the axe she holds in her hand, the only element that seems to be tangible. On the head, her skin is also blue and her hair is gathered in a bun on which is placed a long veil falling almost to the ground.


A Terrible Bride

Constance Hatchaway is one of the main characters in the Disneyland and Disney World attraction, The Haunted Mansion, which is also found in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Paris. She is a ghost bride that we see with several of her husbands at the beginning of the attraction, but we quickly understand that they all had a tragic fate. Indeed, Constance was a bride who sought the wealth of her husbands who, strangely enough, were all murdered after their wedding. In the portrait room at the beginning of the attraction, Constance is shown with each of her husbands, but after a while the image changes, the husbands disappear and Constance appears with an axe in her hands.


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