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Crossbones Unmasked (Captain America Civil War)

Crossbones without his mask

As we can see at the end of the previous movie, Brock Rumlov is badly burned and that’s probably the reason why he chooses to wear a mask. But for this Barnes & Nobles exclusive release, Funko chooses to show him without one. As we can see on the first images of the movie and on this figurine, the makers of the movie have perfectly respected the style of the character from the comics. He still wears his black SHIELD combat suit and military-style khaki pants. An irregular X is marked with paint on his chest. On his hands, he is equipped with heavy metal armatures, very nicely reproduced. On the head, we can see that his face is heavily marked with burn scars. His skin is reddened and blistered and one of his eyelids is drooping. We also find his characteristic haircut, completely shaved on the side and in peaks on the top of the head with just a small lock that falls on his forehead.


A SHIELD agent turned enemy

Crossbones is an antagonist of Captain America in the movie Captain America Civil War. His real name is Brock Rumlov and he was first seen in Captain America The Winter Soldier. He is a well known enemy of Captain America in the comics but his story is a bit different here. He is a SHIELD field agent who participates in some operations with Captain America and Black Widow. But after the supposed death of Nick Fury, Steve Rogers realizes that there is a conspiracy within SHIELD. He confronts Alexander Pierce who seems to confirm his doubts. Captain America then becomes an enemy of SHIELD and Brock Rumlov attacks him. Steve Rogers will later understand that Hydra had been infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. for years and that Rumlov is part of it. At the end of the film, Rumlov is caught in a fire and left for dead. He is eventually rescued but badly burned. In the new episode of Captain America, he resumes his role as Crossbones and adopts the style of the character from the comic. In this film, following the events of Avengers 2, the government wants to make the superheroes sign an agreement to monitor them. Steve Rogers refuses to sign and enters into conflict with some members of the Avengers team. Those who are against this law will follow Captain America and those who are on the side of the government will follow Iron Man.


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