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Cubone (Pokemon)

A strange look

Cubone has been represented with its body looking like a small dinosaur standing on its back legs. His body is mostly orange with a light yellow belly. He holds in his hand a small bone which is his weapon of combat and, especially, at the level of the head, he wears the skull of his mother like a helmet, with holes at the level of the eyes and small bony excrescences at the top of the skull.


A fierce look

Cubone (Osselait in French) is a first generation pokemon of type Sol in the famous Pokemon video game series. The series takes place in a world where all other animals have disappeared and only these mutant animals remain. Cubone is a bipedal Pokemon that has the particularity of always wearing its mother’s skull as a helmet, as she died when giving birth to it. It has the ability to attract and cancel Electrik attacks and its shell allows it to take hits without losing many stamina points.


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