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D.Va with Meka blueberry (Overwatch)

D.Va in blueberry version

Funko decided to represent this famous duo with its blueberry skin for this Walmart exclusive figure. Like the other versions of this duo, the Meka is a super sized figure of 15 cm and D.Va is a small figure that can be placed next to or in the cockpit of the Meka. The Meka is a metallic blue robot with a vaguely humanoid shape whose arms end in headless cannons and whose torso is empty to accommodate a pilot. D.Va always wears a tight orange and white suit with some blue details and a helmet on the ears allowing him to communicate with the outside.


Video games in the service of the country

D.Va is one of the many characters playable in the futuristic game from Blizzard Studios: Overwatch. D.Va was a professional video game player until the army called her in. Indeed, monsters coming out of the ocean had started to attack the population and the remote-controlled Mekas sent by the army could not destroy them, the monsters seeming to anticipate their every move. So they came up with the idea of putting real human pilots on board who would know how to improvise better. And who better than a professional player. D.Va immediately agreed to put her lucrative career on hold to serve her country. In the game, D.Va of course uses her Meka to fight.


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