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D.Va with Meka carbone (Overwatch)

D.Va in black version

Funko has represented D.Va with one of its alternative skins, i.e. an almost all-black Meka and a matching Chinese-inspired outfit for her. As on the first version, the Meka is very detailed with this vaguely humanoid shape, the guns at the end of the arms and the command post with a transparent red glass in which we can insert the small figure of D.Va. This one wears a grey and red tunic with golden touches as well as black boots and pants. We find her long black hair and a golden helmet on her head.


An unexpected soldier

D.Va is one of the many playable characters in Overwatch, the famous first-person shooter from Blizzard Studios. D.Va has the distinction of being in control of an impressive Meka, so his special abilities and powers are all tied to this robot. D.Va started out as a professional video game player, until one day monsters emerged from the sea and began attacking the coastal cities. The army tried to get rid of them with the help of drones, but the monsters always managed to anticipate their movements and beat them. That’s when the army had the idea to use professional gamers to control its famous robots.


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