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Dark Phoenix with wings (X Men)

For this new exclusive version of the character, Funko decided to represent her surrounded by flames with her wings of fire on her back. As in the comics, she wears her tight red costume with boots, gloves and a golden belt matching the logo on her chest. On her head, Dark Phoenix has long red hair that seems to fly in the wind and her eyes are white, a sign that she is using her powers.


The most powerful heroine

Dark Phoenix, whose real name is Jean Grey, is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Returning from a mission on a distant planet, Jean Grey is hit by a solar flare that suddenly unlocks the full power of her psychic powers. Initially very disturbed, she eventually regains control, becoming infinitely more powerful but still determined to use her powers for good. But Mastermind, who wants to use her powers, sends her images that she thinks are from another life and sends her visions that she has killed the man she loves. She then loses control of her powers again and becomes Dark Phoenix


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