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Deadpool backyard griller (Deadpool)

Deadpool barbecues

Deadpool is shown here barbecuing. He is wearing, still over his usual red and black outfit, a very ordinary outfit, beige pants, an orange short-sleeved shirt and brown moccasins. He also wears an apron on which is written pleased to meat you”. Next to him is a small barbecue, but it is a flamethrower that he is holding in his hand to keep the embers burning.


A superhero who aspires to a normal life

Deadpool is one of the most popular superheroes of the Marvel editions and probably one of the most unconventional. His real name is Wade Wilson and he was a former CIA agent turned mercenary who became Deadpool after a scientific experiment that awakened his mutant gene, making him almost immortal thanks to his regeneration abilities but also disfiguring him. He then became a kind of mercenary superhero. He is not politically correct, does not hesitate to kill, but has an enthusiastic, almost childlike side about normal life things like cooking. He also has a very offbeat sense of humor and is very popular for the way he talks to the reader.


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