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Deadpool Construction Worker (Deadpool)

Another disguise

Deadpool has the particularity to love to dress up, sometimes for good reasons, often just for fun. So as always, he wears his red and black skintight jumpsuit and over it, he wears a construction worker’s outfit. He wears blue jeans with big brown shoes and a tool belt. He is also wearing a light blue denim shirt open to his chest. He also wears a yellow construction hat and holds a hammer on his shoulder.


A strange superhero

Deadpool is one of the most famous superheroes of the Marvel universe. We first meet him in the X-Men comics where he systematically refuses to be recruited by the X-Men, preferring to continue working alone as a mercenary. His real name is Wade Wilson, and he received his mutation following a scientific experiment to try to cure his incurable cancer. This triggered his regeneration power but also left him completely disfigured. For this reason, he wears his full body suit at all times. Deadpool is particularly popular for his offbeat humor and often not very politically correct compared to other superheroes.


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