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Deadpool cowboy (Deadpool)

Deadpool on horseback

In the comics, it has become apparent that Deadpool loves to dress up, always wearing the costumes over his own Deadpool outfit to add to the ridiculousness of the situation. On this SDCC 2016 exclusive figure, Deadpool is wearing his usual red jumpsuit with some black accents and those harnesses around his torso and legs that allow him to carry those weapons. But on top of that, he wears a cowboy hat on his head and holds a stuffed horse head on a stick.


A mercenary like no other

Deadpool is the hero of the Marvel comics of the same name. First appearing as Wolverine’s enemy and then ally in the X-Men comics, the most famous mercenary finally got his own series. A former CIA mercenary, Deadpool was suffering from an incurable cancer when he agreed to participate in scientific experiments that could cure him. The experiment was partially successful, curing him of his cancer and even making him nearly immortal, but also severely disfiguring him after he suffered numerous tortures. It was then that he became the vigilante Deadpool. He is most famous for his questionable morals, his dark and offbeat humor, and his tendency to break the famous fourth wall.


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