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Deadpool in cake (Deadpool)

Deadpool’s birthday

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Deadpool’s first appearance, Funko has created a series of figurines putting him in various situations that do not correspond to a specific moment in the comics but that represent the spirit of the character. Here, he is represented coming out of a cake with his image and on which we see the number 30 and several candles. The cake is in shades of purple, pink, red and black, all with a metallic paint. We only see the upper body of Deadpool with his red and black outfit covering his head and he holds a sword in each of his hands.


A mercenary with atypical techniques

From his real name Wade Wilson, Deadpool is the most famous mercenary from the Marvel universe. He first appeared in 1991 in the X-Men comics, and his story is not an ordinary one. Like the X-Men, he is a mutant but he received his mutation following scientific experiments in which he agreed to participate in the hope of curing his terminal cancer. He then finds himself with the same regeneration abilities as Wolverine and becomes almost immortal. But this also leaves him disfigured and, from that moment on, he never leaves his outfit which hides him completely. A former CIA assassin, Wade Wilson continues his life as a mercenary and refuses to become a superhero, even though he is often convinced to do good deeds in the end. Deadpool is a character who is popular for his anti-hero side but also for his offbeat and crazy humor that pushes him to break the famous fourth wall.


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