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Deadpool Supper Hero (Deadpool)

A festive superhero

Deadpool likes to have a good time with his family. For the promotion of the last movie Deadpool, we saw him in pictures during family dinners with other characters of the movie. He is shown here holding a tray with a Thanksgiving turkey surrounded by small vegetables. Over his usual red and black suit, he wears a long brown apron tied in the back and kitchen gloves. Finally, on the head, you can see his joyful expression in the way his eyes are drawn.


A colorful superhero

Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, was a CIA assassin turned mercenary whose life changed radically when he was diagnosed with incurable cancer. He agreed to participate in shady medical experiments that allowed him to develop a mutant gene that cured him, giving him the power to heal and regenerate but leaving him disfigured. He then became the anti-hero Deadpool continuing his job as a mercenary but acting from time to time as a real superhero. He is particularly known for his offbeat humor, both dark but with a sincere passion for unicorns and a certain sense of family.


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