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Deadpool unmasked (Deadpool)

Deadpool under his real appearance

This version of Deadpool is identical to the first version released except that he does not wear his mask. His red suit with black accents is still there, as well as his sword and his machine gun. On the face, we can see that he has no more hair and that his skin is indeed eaten away, damaged and almost raw.


The disfigured anti-hero

Deadpool is the main character of the Marvel comics Deadpool. He first appeared in the New Mutants comics before having the right to his own adventures. Former CIA killer, knowing he was doomed by cancer, he participates in experiments that fail and leave his skin eaten away. But then he finds himself the guinea pig of a scientist who gives him Wolverine’s regeneration powers. Deadpool is also a psychopath known for his black humor and his tendency to break the fourth wall”.


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