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Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

The heroine goes unnoticed or almost

Diana is thus represented here with the outfit that Steve encourages her to buy in London. It is an outfit consisting of a long brown skirt and a matching jacket with long sleeves and closed by a large leather belt a little darker. With that, she wears small heeled boots and a hat hiding partially her long brown hair. With that, she also wears big glasses with black frames and her cheeks are slightly pink. But she can’t totally hide the fact that she is a warrior since she always wears her famous bronze shield nicely decorated and her sword on her back.


An incognito superheroine

Diana Prince is the identity used by Princess Diana of Themyscira in the movie Wonder Woman inspired by the famous DC Comics heroine. Diana is the youngest of the Amazons living on this mythical island, away from men since they fought and theoretically defeated the god of war Ares. But when Steve Trevor, an American pilot during the First World War, arrives, Diana learns what is happening in the world at that moment. Convinced that Ares is behind it, she decides to accompany Steve to London to find him and kill him once and for all. But Diana’s physique and look, having always lived on an island with a warm climate, do not go unnoticed. Steve takes her shopping so that she can find an outfit in keeping with the times and above all she temporarily takes the name of Diana Prince to avoid too many questions.


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