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Ares (Wonder Woman)

The god in armor

For this SDCC 2017 exclusive figure, Ares is depicted with the armor he fights with against Diana at the end of the movie. This one is entirely made of silver metal and also seems to contain a skirt of blades and sandals in Greek fashion. We also find this non-smooth and almost flexible aspect as if his clothes had been transformed into metal. At the level of the head, he wears an impressive helmet which covers almost all his face, leaving only his eyes visible. This one is bristling with four big horns on the sides of the face as well as a crest on the top of the head.


The god of war

Ares is the god of war in Greek mythology as well as in the Wonder Woman movie inspired by the comics of the same name. Men were always Zeus’ favorite creation and because of this, the god Ares eventually got tired of them, insisting that they really weren’t as good as Zeus thought. For this reason, he began to breathe into them ideas of war and violence, instigating chaos on Earth. Zeus created the Amazons to fight him and after they won, they retreated to the island of Themyscira. They continued to train, however, knowing that one day young Diana would have to face him again and kill him. Diana learns by chance what is happening in the world when an American spy crashes near the island after stealing documents from the German army of the First World War. Diana is convinced that the war is Ares’ doing and so decides to follow Steve to England to try to find and kill the god of war. But his enemy will not be the one she thinks.


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