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Diana Prince Gala (Wonder Woman 1984)

A typical 80’s look

For this new figurine, Funko represented Diana Prince during one of the gala evenings she goes to during the film. She wears a typical 80’s dress. This one is white and long but with a wrap-around shape that leaves one leg totally bare and a tailor collar with half-length sleeves. She also wears big golden bracelets. At the head level, we find her brown curly hair all brought back to one side of the face.


A well-adapted Amazon

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman is one of the most famous superheroines of the DC universe and more particularly the heroine of the movie Wonder Woman 1984. She is an Amazon created by Zeus himself and as such, she is immortal. We find her in this second opus of her adventures in the 80’s, especially 1984 in the United States in the middle of the Cold War. After many years, she found her great love Steve Trevor who will have more difficulty than her to adapt to this new era, but she also found new enemies to fight, including the famous businessman Maxwell Lord and his former friend Cheetah.


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