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Wonder Woman blue gown (Wonder Woman)

Diana in evening dress

Diana is shown here wearing the blue evening dress she wore at General Ludendorff’s party. It is a fashionable long dress of the time with an empire waist, a nicely depicted drape over the hips as well as a cape effect in the back. At the head, her long brown hair is soberly tied in a bun at the back of the head. While in the film, she carries her sword partly hidden in her back, she holds it here in her right hand. We can imagine that it is at the same time that she is about to fight Ludendorff.


Wonder Woman on a mission

Wonder Woman is the superhero name of Princess Diana of Themyscira, the mythical Greek island where the Amazons live in the movie Wonder Woman. The Amazons were created by Zeus himself to fight the god of war Ares, who had decided to corrupt men to prove that they were not as good as Zeus thought. Thousands of years later, the young princess Diana lives peacefully on the island with the other Amazons without knowing that her destiny will one day be to kill Ares for good. As Diana grows up, an American pilot crashes near the island and Diana learns about what is happening in Europe at that time: the First World War. Thinking it was Ares, she follows Steve Trevor to London in the hope of finding the god and killing him. When she has spotted the German general she thinks is Ares, she has to find a way to approach him and does so when the general in question is giving a final party and she pretends to be one of the guests.


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