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Wonder Woman Golden Armor Shield (Wonder Woman 1984)

An impressive armor

For this exclusive figurine, Wonder Woman has been represented with her impressive golden armor. The armor is made of metal and covers her whole body in the medieval style, even if it seems more flexible and practical. The top is made of a fitted bustier and her arms are fully covered. She wears her lasso of truth at her waist and stands ready to fight. Her armor has two large wings that she has folded down in front like a shield. Finally, at the head level, we find her long brown hair partly hidden by the golden helmet on her head with an eagle head represented at the forehead level.


A warrior of all times

Wonder Woman is the last Amazon of the mythical island of Themyscira in the famous DC comics and in the movies that are the adaptation. In the first opus, we discovered the origin of the character and her fight against Ares during the first world war. Wonder Woman being immortal, in this second opus, we find her in the 80s, continuing to fight evil in her own way. This time, in the middle of the Cold War, she is confronted with the financial magnate Maxwell Lord and her old friend Barbara. The latter is an archaeologist obsessed with the idea of eternal life, which makes her gradually jealous of Diana. And when she manages to obtain powers that give her the speed and power of a cheetah, her aggression towards her friend will only increase and Diana will have no choice but to fight her.


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