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Wonder Woman Golden Armor Flying (Wonder Woman 1984)

An extraordinary fight

To face new extraordinary enemies, Diana will need a new armor and this is what we see with this famous golden armor. It is represented here on a transparent plastic base as if it was in flight. The armor is therefore a complete metal armor and entirely golden. She has high boots and at the top, she wears a tight metal bustier. At the level of her arms, we find her famous bracelets of force included in her armor and at her waist is hung her lasso of truth. In her back, we find her big golden wings and her hands are directed towards the front. On his head, we see his brown hair sticking out of his golden helmet.


A new battle

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana, is the famous heroine of the Wonder Woman movies, inspired by the DC comics of the same name. Diana is the last of the Amazons created by Zeus himself to fight the god of war. She lived on the mythical island of Themyscira for thousands of years and only began to meddle in the affairs of men at the time of the First World War. In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana finds herself fighting new enemies in the 1980s. First of all, the industrialist Maxwell Lord but especially her friend Barbara, an archeologist obsessed by the idea of eternal life and jealous of Diana for that. She transforms herself into a Cheetah thanks to a ritual, which will give her an exceptional strength and speed and make her aggressive towards Diana.


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