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Doctor Maru (Wonder Woman)

A not reassuring look

For this exclusive figurine to the Legion of Collectors box, we find Doctor Maru with her green uniform composed of pants and a half-length jacket. With that, she wears brown boots and laboratory gloves of the same color. At the level of the face, she wears a kind of cap hiding her hair as well as laboratory glasses of the time. But what is most disturbing in her appearance is the piece of skin-colored plastic covering the damaged part of her face. Finally, she is represented with her legs slightly spread and her hands crossed in a strangely serene posture.


A terrifying scientist

Dr. Maru is a scientist for the German army during World War I in the Wonder Woman movie based on the DC comics of the same name. At the beginning of the film, American pilot Steve Trevor, undercover in the German army, discovers that Dr. Maru has invented a poisonous gas with terrifyingly destructive powers that could kill thousands at a time. Trying to reach England to inform their army as soon as possible, he is unmasked and pursued by the Germans and ends up near the island of Themyscira where the Amazons live, including Diana, the youngest of them, and the one who will become Wonder Woman. Only discovering the horrors of war, she decides to accompany Steve Trevor to England, convinced that all this is due to Ares, god of war that the Amazons have already fought. But if he whispers in the ear of the terrible Doctor Maru without her really realizing it, the god of war will not turn out to be the one we think.


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