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Figurines Pop Wonder Woman et Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman)

United to fight evil

This pack gathers the two basic figures of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman is represented with her iconic outfit made of a red and gold metallic bustier with an eagle motif and a small blade skirt in the style of Greek warriors. She also wears of course her sword, her shield and her famous lasso of truth at the waist. Her shoes are both sandals and knee-high armor. On the head, her face is still simple but she wears of course her golden tiara and her long brown hair. As for Steve, he wears the practical clothes that will allow him to cross the no man’s land between France and Belgium: green pants with big walking boots, a brown sweater, a leather jacket and a green military jacket on top. He holds a gun in his hands and at the level of the head, one recognizes well this typical haircut of the time.


An unlikely duo

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana, and Steve Trevor are two of the heroes of the Wonder Woman movie, inspired by the famous comic book series of the same name. Diana is the youngest of the Amazons created by Zeus himself to fight Ares, the god of war, when he had decided to corrupt men in order to prove to Zeus that his creation was not so perfect. Ares temporarily defeated, the Amazons settled on the mythical island of Themyscira, living in peace but never ceasing to train, knowing that Ares might one day return. Then Steve Trevor, an American pilot during World War I, crashes into the water near the island. Diana saves him but he is pursued by the German army from whom he stole documents and that’s how Diana learns about the war that is currently being fought in the world. Convinced that it is Ares’ doing, Diana decides to accompany Steve to the human world and try to find the warring god to kill him for good.


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