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Wonder Woman with lasso of truth (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman and her famous lasso

For this exclusive figurine to the Legion Of Collectors box, Funko represented Wonder Woman with her usual superhero outfit, that is to say a red and gold bustier with an eagle pattern and whose colors are a little bit old-fashioned and remind the ancient inspiration, and a blue skirt of blades. She also wears these shoes which are a mixture of spartan sandals and boots. At the level of the head, we find her long brown hair and the crown on her forehead. Finally, what differentiates her from the other figures is that she is manipulating her famous lasso of truth which, as its name indicates, forces the people she has imprisoned with to tell her the truth.


An unusual superhero

Wonder Woman is the superhero name of Diana, Amazon princess of Themyscira in the Wonder Woman comics and movies. She was created by Zeus to be a kind of weapon that could finally destroy Ares, the god of war who decided to corrupt human beings by jealousy because they are Zeus’ favorite creations. Diana grew up among the Amazons where she began her combat training thanks to her aunt. But it wasn’t until an American pilot crashed near the coast during the First World War that she realized what the humans were going through while the Amazons were withdrawn to their island. So she decided to follow this pilot to England, convinced that Ares had something to do with this war.


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