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Wonder woman with cloak (Wonder Woman)

Diana and her coat

On this Wonder woman second wave figure, Diana is represented with her classic Wonder woman outfit as well as the long black coat she wears to fight against the cold, knowing that she will have to take the sea. We find this red and gold bustier as well as this famous little skirt with bangs and the high red and gold sandals that also act as armors. Over it, she wears a long black coat with a hood that hides her hair. We can still see a part of her long brown hair and her golden crown. Finally, she is holding her sword in her hand and we can also discern the bracelets that also serve as her shield.


Princess Diana arrives in London

Already introduced in the movie Batman vs Superman, Wonder woman is this time the heroine of her own origin story. Diana is the only child of the Amazonian people who, after being created by Zeus to fight Ares and free humanity from his influence, have retired to the hidden paradise island of Themyscira. One day, when Diana has become an adult and a formidable warrior, a plane falls into the sea near the island. Diana dives in to save the pilot, but he is pursued by the German army, from whom he has stolen important documents. When the pilot explains everything about the ongoing World War I, Diana is convinced that it is Ares’ doing, she decides to accompany Steve to London so that he delivers the documents. But of course, arriving in the London of the 10’s, Diana is far from being unnoticed with her amazon clothes.


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