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Figurines Pop Diana Prince with ice cream (Wonder Woman)

After the effort, the comfort

When Wonder Woman lands in the London of the beginning of the 20th century, she doesn’t go unnoticed and Steve decides to take her to a clothes store so that she can put on a more casual outfit. This is how she is represented on this exclusive figurine. She wears a long brown skirt with a matching jacket and a belt marking her waist. With that, she wears heeled boots and a hat on her long black hair pulled back in a bun. In her left hand she holds a cone with ice cream, one of her many discoveries of the human world that she will be asked to protect.


Wonder Woman discovers the world

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana, is the heroine of the Wonder Woman movie based on the DC comic of the same name. Diana is the youngest of the Amazons, the warriors created by Zeus himself, to fight Ares, the god of war who had decided to corrupt the hearts of men with war. After defeating, but not killing, Ares, the Amazons retreated to the paradise island of Themyscira to continue training in case Ares resurfaced. One day, an American pilot is chased by German soldiers from the First World War. His plane sinks into the sea and Diana goes to save him. Then she learns of the horrors of what is happening in the world at that time and, thinking it must be Ares, decides to accompany Steve Trevor, the pilot in question, who must report to the British army on the weapon that the Germans are preparing. But of course when an Amazon lands in the London of the beginning of the 20th century, she doesn’t go unnoticed and will also discover a lot of new things.


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