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Wonder Woman Metallic (Wonder Woman 1984)

A heroic pose

For this new version of the character, Diana is represented with her classic Wonder Woman costume with a knee in the ground. We find her skirt of blades as well as her red bustier with the golden bird on the chest. She has high golden boots that also act as armor. In her hands, she holds her golden lasso of truth. Finally, at the head level, we find her long brown hair with her golden tiara with a silver star at the forehead.


An Amazon in a new era

Wonder Woman is the heroine of the movie Wonder Woman 1984, the second opus of the adventures of the famous Marvel heroine. Her real name is Diana Prince and she is one of the last Amazons who was created by Zeus himself to fight the god of war Ares. Diana Prince is therefore immortal and after having fought in the first world war, she is back in the 80’s where she finds her first love Steve. This time, in the context of the Cold War, she will have to fight the business Maxwell Lord and his former friend Cheetah.


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