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Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman 1984)

Arrival in the 80’s

Steve Trevor is represented here as we see him in the movie, especially in one of the scenes where Diana helps him to dress in the fashion of the time. He wears black pants and jacket and white sneakers with a red Nike stripe. He also wears a watch and above all a blue banana around his waist. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his brown hair styled backwards.


The resurrected soldier

Steve Trevor is an important character in the movie Wonder Woman 1984. He was an American soldier of the first world war who found himself by accident off the island of Themiscyra where the Amazons had lived in peace for centuries. He managed to convince Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) that the humans needed their help again. She chose to leave her island to help Steve Trevor and they fell in love. At the end of the first movie, he sacrificed himself and died to help Diana complete her mission. In Wonder Woman 1984, Steve Trevor is back, brought back by an artifact called the Dreamstone and he will have to learn to live in the 80’s with Diana, especially since she has new enemies to fight.


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