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Wonder Woman ultra mod Secret Agent (Wonder Woman)

Diana Prince version Emma Peel

Funko has represented her with her white outfit reminding the style of Emma Peel from the series Melon Hat and Leather Boots (which inspired the author of these comics). She is wearing a short white dress with a turtleneck with white tights and white heeled boots. Her black hair is wavy and very puffy on top of her head. She holds a sword in her right hand.


Wonder Woman secret agent

Wonder Woman is the famous comic character of the DC editions. She is an Amazon created by Zeus himself to fight other gods. For a long time she lives on the immortal island of Themiscyra before deciding to join the human world to help them. In the 60’s, a series of comics was released where Diana Prince decided to give up her powers to really be part of the human world. She opens a fashion boutique that is a cover for her activity as a secret agent. Her mentor is L. Ching, an old blind Chinese man who teaches her martial arts to compensate for the loss of her powers. These comics are very controversial because we find here a Diana Prince suddenly addicted to men and having lost her strong character.


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