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Wonder Woman action pose (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman in action

Wonder Woman is represented here in action with one knee on the ground and her arms raised as if she had just landed. On the body, she wears her usual amazon outfit with this red and gold metallic bustier representing an eagle and this little blue skirt of Greek inspiration. Her simple leather spartan shoes are reinforced with metal armor and she also wears wrist guards. At the head, we find her long brown hair and her famous golden tiara with a star on the forehead. On her left arm, she holds her bronze shield and at her waist is attached the famous lasso of truth.


The most famous superheroine

From her real name Diana Prince, Wonder Woman is the last of the Amazons, created by Zeus after her forebears defeated Ares, the god of war. Although Diana is raised in a peaceful paradise, she knows that the threat of Ares still looms. Since Ares is not dead, he may come back and attack the humans, and Diana must be there to protect them. It is then that an American pilot crashes near their island and explains to them what is happening at that moment in Europe, the film taking place during the First World War. Convinced that this is the work of Ares, she decides to accompany the pilot, Steve Taylor, to England, to help him deliver important documents to the army and to try to find Ares to kill him.


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